We Custom Build to Order

We can build from scratch E-90’s with a variation of drivers to suit your requirements. These are some custom made which we have built for customers recently. Available in a range of colours these marvels far out power the originals, standing side by side with original E-90’s in our studio the difference is huge! Yes, if you want to terrorise your granny 3 streets away these kit built 90’s are just what the doctor ordered! Available world wide!

Please get in touch for more info:  djharris66@googlemail.com

+44 7989 610379

New speakers for 2019 R-Line “R-331’s”

These new R-Line kit built speakers are just AWESOME and emit a sound that will make you melt and at an affordable price! These are based on the original E-90 speakers but handling much more power (amps 40-2000WPC)

Each pair of these speakers are hand assembled in the UK to order and taking 8 days per pair to produce they are sure to serve you for many years, the finish to the cabs is water and stain resistant including UV (sunlight fading)

These R-331’s have all the characteristics of the original E-90’s and come with a choice of 2 bass drivers (the ones as pictured or the white cones-see our bass sales section for picture)

High powered protected cross overs and drivers that are 93db ensure efficiency. These are built by us to order and available in a range of colours including oak, walnut and black ash.

Arrange a listen in our studio today +44 7989 610379